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    Politics affects ordinary people. It can change and even destroy lives. Voting blindly is as foolish as crossing the highway with your fingers in your ears with eyes closed, repeating over and over again “I’ve always voted for <insert political party>”.


    Mark Stallard and Ryan Janz explore the world of politics through the lens of regular working people. Legislation that seems to be common sense is often totally destructive, while weird and radical legislation might save lives, or at least improve them.

    Politics is a game for those playing it (the politicians), but for working people it can mean life and death.


    Don’t think politics affects you?


    The reason you get 2 weeks minimum vacation in Manitoba while France get 5 weeks is pure politics. Would you like more vacation time? Then you ought to care about and get involved in politics.



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    April 22, 2020
    “Progressive” Conservative MLA, James Teitsma, came out wholeheartedly against a universal...
    In our First live stream we discuss the current corona virus pandemic. With lots of questions...
    December 31, 2019 · Politics,Means of Production,Economics,Senate,Governments
    It’s hard to justify the continued existence of the Canadian senate, but can it be fixed? Should...
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